At the conclusion of my Masters at Villanova University, in 1998, I did my Independent Study, under Dr Ed Segall. I did research on Linda, Tuple Spaces and built a simple Java Tuple-Space Server that built on Hash to Rendezvous concepts from his PhD dissertation, Tuple Space Operations: Multiple-key Search, Online Matching and Wait-Free Synchronization.


My independent study paper is available here in both postscript and pdf formats. In addition, the bibliography is available in BibTex format.

In addition to my paper, my Adviser, Ed Segall, now with Edge Technical Associates, makes his dissertation available online. A related Independent Study, Implementation of Multiple Key Search (for LINDA) in Java, by Atul Deshmukh, is also online. My original web page for the project also appears to still be live.

The original Linda Papers from Carriero and Gelernter are old enough to never have been online. At the time I did the Independent Study, there was a page for the Linda Group at Yale and one could get paper copies.

At one time, I had a collection of interesting Linda Links. However the majority are now dead links, and the best live reference is the Wikipedia Linda page.