Copies of my resume are available on-line in a number of formats. I recommend the pdf resume, it most accurately reflects the original LaTeX markup, including formating and typography. If you’re browsing on-line, I’d recommend the html resume as a close second.

Portable Document Format (Adobe PDF)resume-web.pdfAdobe Reader, Ghostscript
HyperText Markup Language (HTML)resume-web.htmlChrome, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer
Postscriptresume-web.psGhostscript or any Postscript printer
ASCII Textresume-web.txtNotpad, TextPad, vi, Emacs, and most browsers
OpenOfficeresume-web.odtOpen Office or Libre Office
MS Wordresume-web.docMS Word, Open Office, or Libre Office

Contact Info

My address and phone number are not on those files. If you would like to contact me, please email me at Or, visit my contact page for more information.


My resume is maintained in a text markup language called LaTeX (Wikipedia article) LaTex is a macro package for TeX, TeX, in turn, is a text processing system created by Donald Knuth. Postscript output is created using dvips. PDF files are created using dvipdfm. All of the above are available from TUG in both source and binary formats. HTML, and Open Office versions are produced by TeX4ht. The ASCII text version is derived from the HTML via Lynx. Behind the scenes, the source files are controlled with git and the builds are done using make. The only manual step is turning the Open Office format into MS Word, which is done in Libre Office by opening the .odt file and saving it as a .doc file.

There are a few advantages of doing things like this:

Unlike the rest of this site, including this page, my resume, its self, is not licensed under a creative commons license. Rather, it is a copyrighted work and neither redistribution nor derivative works are not permitted without authorization. While I understand it is common practice for recruiters to import Word resumes, and “fix them up”, doing so without my permission and review is not allowed. If you would like to represent me as a potential candidate to some third party organization, you must speak with me first and get permission. If to do so you need to modify my resume, for example, to replace my contact information with that of your agency, we can discuss that.

License is hereby granted for the unmodified internal storage and distribution within individual organizations. So, yes, if you are in a group looking for someone like me, you can mail a copy to a coworker who is a hiring manager, though I’d prefer you mailed him a link to this page. And if you are a recruiter or in Human Resources and want to put a copy in an internal database for later searching, that’s OK too.