To a large degree, this site is an exercise in both text processing and web publishing. Generally it avoids fancy or visual HTML editors in favor of content centric markup. It also avoids any dynamic Content Management System in favor of generating static HTML.


The contents of this site are edited in Emacs. Most of the markup is generated in a simplified markup language called Markdown. A few sections are raw XHTML. The site is generated using Jekyll, using Maruku to transform the Markdown and Liquid as the templating system. Currently it is styled using raw CSS. Source code is yet to be published, and should be migrating to github.

Two notable exceptions to this theme are my resume and independent study. Both are imported from external source repositories. They both also were edited in Emacs using LaTeX as the markup language. My independent study uses an older system generating HTML using latex2html and pdf using dvipdfm. My resume uses a newer build that generates Postscript using dvips, pdf using dvipdfm, HTML and Open Office text document using TeX4ht, ASCII text using Lynx, and MS Word using Libre Office.

For the most part the site is 100% static content, generated as above, each time the site it updated. The single exception is the list of recent Twitter tweets on the home page. These are fetched client side, using jQuery and a small plugin I wrote to fetch and format tweets using the Twitter REST api.


This site is Copyright © 2011 by Andrew B. Sudell and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.